Absolute Resource is the premier manufacturer’s representative group in the Pacific Northwest.  Absolute Resource provides the most comprehensive representation of  furniture, lighting, textiles, and accessories.

We are committed to bringing the culture, brand, and products of our aligned manufacturer’s to the Northwest design Community.

Mission Statement:

Be the Northwest’s expert in commercial and contract furniture and textiles;  Provide a direct link between the culture of the brands we represent and our clients; To provide a unique and fun experience in furniture and textile consideration and specification.

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Jayson Gates LEED AP
Absolute Resource LLC
4835 N Congress Ave
Portland, OR 97217
tel: 503.869.8325
email: jayson@absolute-resource.com

Jordan Gates
Absolute Resource LLC
3709 SW 110th St
Seattle, WA 98146
tel: 206.617.7049
email: jordan@absolute-resource.com

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